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We believe all women should love their curves. Whatever size they are. But if you don’t, it could simply be because you’re wearing the wrong size bra. And you wouldn’t be alone. Experts believe 80% of women have on the wrong size bra – with a back size that is too big and a cup size that is too small. The result? Poorly supported breasts and an unflattering figure. And that’s at the very least.

The correct bra on the other hand can do wonders. As well as offering the right amount of support, it puts all of your curves back in the right places and can totally transform your figure, your silhouette and your confidence. And get you back to loving your body again.

Even if you’ve been fitted before, it’s worth going back regularly – usually every 6 months. Weight changes and age can all affect your bust, so your bra size can fluctuate a lot more than you would think.

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Mastectomy, Prosthesis & Post-surgery Fitting ServiceI

Innerware understands it can be a challenging and difficult time for women that have had a masectomy, so we offer a professional and personalised fitting service.


Our fully certified staff will help you find the perfect style and fit breast forms and post mastectomy bras to suit any lifestyle.


Please call us for a free consultation on 08 8284 4144 or just come in for some advice.

Also see the link below regarding the government reimbursement service for breast prosthesis.


"Your bra should be Supportive and comfortable at all times. If your not getting fitted correctly you'll be feeling  your bra all day"